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Re: Boomerang setup

and your guitar you would run through a direct box, and then take the direct 
box output and put that into a microphone >input.

maybe all that extra gear isn't needed tho'

Some small mixers have a dedicated instrument input these days.

Also consider that the output from the guitar, assuming it's battery 
is likely to be able to plug into a line input. (low impedance)
That will probably work. It if doesn't then some kind of pre-amp
will do the trick, and that could be any effects pedal that isn't
being used in true bypass.

You can certainly try plugging the guitar straight ito a mic input,
and use the volume control on the guitar to stop it overloading.
( but only bother if putting in the line input is way too quiet)

Going from a mixer to the Boomerang doesn't really need a special box,
the Boomerang is almost certainly designed to work with a reange of
inputs, not just guitar....but do turn down the mixer output volume as 
to avoid distortion.