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web streaming and the fall LoopFests

Hey all,

Things have been quite an adventure this year for the U.S. Y2K Satellite
Festivals.  Been trying to get new things in place - new festivals, new
connections, better support aaaaaaaand - live concert streaming!!!

I've been looking into a variety of platforms for streaming the festivals
online.  I'm pretty set on going with Concert Window.

I'm doing a trial run tomorrow night at 10:30pm Central Standard Time 
Here's the link to plug in.


It would be awesome if some of you could tune in and give some feedback.

I'm interested in how is it for the user?  Is it easy? Is it simple?  Is
the audio okay? Is the video okay? Is the interface good?  Anything that
would be helpful in evaluating this as tool and to make sure I can
eliminate any bugaboos before the fests start rolling.

Also - Still got slots left for SoCal in Long Beach www.socalloopfest.com
if you're interested in performing.

Thank you.


Peterson Entertainment, Llc
999 East Basse Road #180-117
San Antonio, TX 78209