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Ibanez Img 2010

Hi everyone,

sorry for the gear spam, but I thought I'd offer it here first.

I've got a silver Ibanez img 2010 up for sale, and will sell it with the controller and the footpedal and cable as well.

I've also got a Jones cv13 up for sale. It takes the 24 pin from the img and converts it to 13 pin, but also adds some outputs so you can still operate your whammy bar and knobs on the img to control the synth.

I'll sell it all as a package or the cv13 by itself.

pictures of all the gear and the manual for the cv13 are available at www.haslem.ca/temp

email and we'll discuss price. Be aware the shipping will be very pricey as the img is very heavy. Pickup, or delivery is an option, I live in southwestern Ontario, Canada.


Paul Haslem,