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Re: OT Marshall amp + external spk

On 18/08/2014 08:30, Michael Peters wrote:
here's a technical question that is not about looping:
I tried plugging it into the Marshall once - not only was the resulting

The leslie (according to the vibratone page) has a 4 ohm speaker.

The combo amp has two outputs one of which is plugged into its 16 ohm combo
internal speaker. The other output is unused. The outputs are labelled with
"40 W RMS into 8/16 ohm".  There is a switch that says "8 / 16 ohm" and it
is set to 16 ohm.

...and the amp survived! lucky man.

As Per says, we don't know if there's an amp in the leslie.

Assuming it's passive the relevant rule is:-
"Never connect an amplifier to a speaker of lower rated impedance."
Match the impedance if possible, and if the speaker is higher impedance
than the amp you're safe, but it won't be as loud.

If it's active then ...what Per says.