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Boomerang users and other blind pedal users, your input please

Hi folks,
First of all, I recently upgraded to a Boomerang III. Before I used a
Boss rc20 xl.

The problem, besides the fact that I'm learning how to use the Rang,
is that the foot buttons are VASTLY different than the pedals on ANY
other pedal and I'm having a lot of trouble getting used to them. I
rarely had trouble activating the rc20xl on the beat. I would place my
foot on the pedal, and then step down decisively when it was time.

Some background: Since I'm blind, I cannot look down, target a pedal,
and hit it with the toe of my shoe, or quickly tap it. I need to feel
to find the pedal, or button, or what ever it is. consequently, I
usually play either barefoot, or in mockasins.
The problem is that since the Boomerang's foot buttons are so
responsive, sometimes I activate a function without really intending
to. For example, more than one time, I've accidentally started a loop
recording when I didn't want to. Usually this happens between songs
when I think the rang isn't doing anything, and I'm preparing myself
to hit a foot button.
Then, when I actually do want to record that loop, instead of starting
to record when I press the button, it starts playing something which I
didn't intend to record or didn't even know was recording.

So, I'm trying to come up with some strategies to work around this.

One thought is to find a function which will stop everything the rang
is doing so I can start from a known state. Does anyone use the
"panic" function? It doesn't seem to be documented in the latest
manual. What, exactly does it do? What will it do when the Rang is
idle? What does it do when the Rang is recording? What does it do when
the rang is just playing?
I'm thinking that if it stops all functions, and erases all recorded
loops, then this would be a great way to get to a known state between
songs so I can start fresh.

Thoughts? Or, does anyone have any other suggestions, asside from,
"get another looper?"