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Re: Boomerang users and other blind pedal users, your input please

OK, apologies to Mike and the entire Boomerang empire, :) for some
reason the section about the panic button didn't appear for me when I
read the manual as displayed in Firefox, but once I downloaded and
opened it, it does mention and describe the panic button feature.

Unfortunately I don't think it can be assigned to a foot button unless
I have a side car, but that may be in my future.

Just discovered that the erase-all feature is available to me when no
loops are playing.

does any one know what will happen if one loop is "accidentally"
recording, and I press and hold yellow to erase all?

I will figure this thing out and make it work for me!


On 9/12/14, Rusty Perez <rustys.lists@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi folks,
> First of all, I recently upgraded to a Boomerang III. Before I used a
> Boss rc20 xl.
> The problem, besides the fact that I'm learning how to use the Rang,
> is that the foot buttons are VASTLY different than the pedals on ANY
> other pedal and I'm having a lot of trouble getting used to them. I
> rarely had trouble activating the rc20xl on the beat. I would place my
> foot on the pedal, and then step down decisively when it was time.
> Some background: Since I'm blind, I cannot look down, target a pedal,
> and hit it with the toe of my shoe, or quickly tap it. I need to feel
> to find the pedal, or button, or what ever it is. consequently, I
> usually play either barefoot, or in mockasins.
> The problem is that since the Boomerang's foot buttons are so
> responsive, sometimes I activate a function without really intending
> to. For example, more than one time, I've accidentally started a loop
> recording when I didn't want to. Usually this happens between songs
> when I think the rang isn't doing anything, and I'm preparing myself
> to hit a foot button.
> Then, when I actually do want to record that loop, instead of starting
> to record when I press the button, it starts playing something which I
> didn't intend to record or didn't even know was recording.
> So, I'm trying to come up with some strategies to work around this.
> One thought is to find a function which will stop everything the rang
> is doing so I can start from a known state. Does anyone use the
> "panic" function? It doesn't seem to be documented in the latest
> manual. What, exactly does it do? What will it do when the Rang is
> idle? What does it do when the Rang is recording? What does it do when
> the rang is just playing?
> I'm thinking that if it stops all functions, and erases all recorded
> loops, then this would be a great way to get to a known state between
> songs so I can start fresh.
> Thoughts? Or, does anyone have any other suggestions, asside from,
> "get another looper?"
> Thanks!
> Rusty