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Re: Loopers-Delight-d Digest V14 #174

On 9/24/2014 3:34 AM, Loopers-Delight-d-request@loopers-delight.com wrote:

OK that worked ok. If people are interested in this I would be happy to expand on it further. I wanted to put together an interlingua, with terms not only from common discussion in English (which I know dominates the discussion) but also in other languages.

If people like, I can give some analyses of famous pieces or common approaches and then people can comment further.

All the terms are concerned with discussing the temporal aspects - there's lots of words that are usable for emotional and aesthetic appeal. I wanted some terms to be able to discuss the differences between Rainbow in Curved Air, Sri Camel, Persian Surgery Dervishes and In C through an artist's compositional career, or why Henry Kaiser's non-looping looping ( interacting without cyclicity) is different from Frippertronics and the add/undo/redo magic that I think I have seen Bill Walker do on youtube

Anyway, thank you for your generosity

Dearest Ivodne,

I've read all of your posts with interest.   You obviously have a very , very specific and detailed academic/intellectual background which informs
the ways you have described live looping.

I do not understand a large part of the terminology that you use in your descriptions of live looping, to be honest.   I'm a reasonably intelligent and well educated
human being, so I think I can understand or learn enough to come to understand where you are coming from:  it's just that there is such specific terminology that indicates a high degree of thought, study and rigorous
intellectual discipline that you've engaged in to get to this analysis and it eludes me.

Would you mind letting us know , specifically, what your intellectual and academic background is so that we can all better understand
the ways that you are using to describe your own experience of live looping music and, perhaps,  point us towards some material that will further clarify
what your particular paradigm is with regards to your very detailed analysis..

Just as importantly,   would you be willing to share with us, the music that you make using the live looping techniques you've described.

I'm very interested and feel very supportive of all of your communicative efforts and am not asking for this as a challenge or as an
refutation of your particularly understanding, or philosophy of live looping.

I just don't understand, entirely, where you are 'coming from'.

Lastly,   could I entice you to come perform at the 15th Anniversary Y2K15 International Live Looping Festival  in Northern California in the 4th weekend
of October in 2015?   I'd love to put you up and get to know you better and to , also, listen to the live looping music that you love to make.

With great respect,     Rick Walker  founder/producer Y2K International Live Looping Festivals

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