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Re: korg gadget for Ipad?

Gadget is a lot of fun but I'm not sure how great it would be for live 
use. The midi implementation is not great you can only send midi to 
whichever gadget is in the foreground. It has a piano roll editor. 
I guess it depends on what you hope to do with live.
It does allow you to export to 
Ableton which I don't have so I can't speak to that. Supposedly that works 
really well.

Ask more specific questions maybe I can answer them.
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> On Oct 17, 2014, at 12:06 PM, legion@helpwantedproductions.com wrote:
> Hi all, I've done some searches but must be missing something so i 
> thought
> I'd post here. If I'm full of it and threads exist that answer these
> questions please point me to them and I'll shut up ASAP :)
> I'm looking for hands on reviews/input from hardware synth oriented folks
> who have used korg's Igadget IOS app on ipad. It seems a bit overkill  (I
> don't use a DAW for example)  but I like the idea of having multiple
> synths, drum machines, etc all synced and being able to record it live 
> and
> then spit out a high resolution audio file.
> Back in the day (like, last week) I'd hook up three or four boxes (Er1, 
> FR
> revolution, DSI Evolver for example)  with a mixer and delay on the
> effects send and do a track live. Wondering if this IPad app could come
> close and how in interacts with midi in, other external controllers, etc.
> As a guidepost I &^%$in LOVE Animoog and use Modular a bit but I shy 
> aware
> from really complicated things like Jasuto (sp?). I play with Reactable
> but don't really see it being useful for an actual live performance so 
> I'm
> looking for something that's powerful but can be dead simple and self
> contained.
> Any feedback appreciated. I have an ambient set coming up in a few months
> and am considering trying something new and simplified for a track or two
> so it's ability to do more mellow stuff rather than 4x4 TeKnow! is also
> something I'm curious about.
> Thanks for any/All feedback!
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