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Electric Repeater for sale! Great condition!

I have an Electrix Repeater in great condition for sale. Pictures and 
serial number available upon request (It's in a rack at the moment so 
I can't see the SN). I am the original owner and purchased this unit 
from Alto music when the Repeater's were first released and it's been 
in my smoke free music studio ever since. To be honest I haven't used 
it as much over the years as I thought I would. This unit and the 
power supply are stock, it has NOT had the Condor Electronics noise 
mod. I have the latest version of the operating system plus several of 
the older versions as well. Manuals and documentation are included. I 
know I have the original box around here somewhere but I can't locate 
it at the moment.

I also have several fully functional totally compatible flash cards 
with the Hitachi controller for sale. These allow recording in 
reverse, etc. For convenience I would rather sell the Repeater and 
flash cards as a total package but might be convinced to sell them 
separately. The flash cards with the Hitachi controller are one Pretec 
512 MB card, two Simpletech cards, a 256MB and 128MB, the original 
Electrix 16 MB card. I also have one San Disk 32 MB card which does 
NOT have the Hitachi controller, it came with the last version of the 
OS loaded on it.

I've been a member of Loopers Delight mailing list since the beginning 
(the 90's). I am located in Virginia.

I am asking $900 for the whole package but the price is open for 
negotiation, buyer pays shipping. If anyone is interested please email 
with questions. I can give you my cell phone number and we can talk.

I'd rather not put this on fleabay or Craig's list but I might have to 
depending on whether anyone here is interested.

Thanks for looking!!