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Another noetic attendance - Guitaret live-looping incl novel technique (I think)

Hi everyone - here is another live-looping performance, this time featuring my main instrument, the Hohner Guitaret. I am using all of my delays in t different forms, most often more than one for coloration effect. So there is Strymon Timeline and Akai Headrush II as wonky tape delays, Seymour Duncan as a heavily modulated 15 seconds BBD etc.

The one this that people might be interested in technically (I haven't seen it done elsewhere, but I live on the edge of the desert on the wrong side of the world, and I really don't get out much, so I may have missed it) is routing routing the send from a freeze pedal (EHX super-ego) through a Digitech Whammy DT that has as a sidecar the Molten Voltage MIDI T pitch sequencer - so I get all of the wonderful sympathetic sound of granular delay and sustain, but with a sequencer-like pitch variation. (I also route it out through an old Akai Pandora 4a in "stars" and mode which has a reso-distorting effect). Anyway, I haven't heard of this being done, and it is a really nice trick. You can program any number of sequences into it and manipulate it on the fly. I have had up to 60 steps in breve rhythm moving the musing around - it makes for a really interesting wash under the most often monotone/modal looping practice (I thought it up to break through that tendency). I often put another pitch bender in front of it for a kind of mode shifting thing.

Anyway, here is my hat-tipping to the wonderful performances at Socal Loopfest 2014 - four performances  in different looping approaches I hope