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Re: The nature of the original Time Lag Accumulator

The Orgone Accumulator supposedly worked by having the rays of Orgone 
energy coming in from all angles to get trapped between catching buffers 
and bounce around to arrive at the centre. So looking at the picture and 
reading the text, I think that the joke Riley (and Coe probably. He was 
the enfant terrible here)  must have meant was the sound following the 
same path as the supposed Orgone. 

Given that a lot of counterculture types were into Reich back then, it's 
an interesting trick to be playing, and not really like any other stuff he 
(Riley) did. 

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> On 27 Oct 2014, at 2:36 am, Rick Walker <looppool@cruzio.com> wrote:
> Diarmuid Pigott wrote:
>> Accumulator was the olde time word for battery.
>> This is a fascinating discussion and it also made me laugh at an 
>> improper use of the term
> This is a fascinating discussion and it also made me laugh at potential 
> misuse of that word:
> "Apparently,  the burglar was charged with 'ASSAULT and ACCUMULATION'"
> I think I'm going to title a piece Assault and Accumulation. to go along 
> with a bad pun we used to
> used to title a piece when I was doing a lot of Brazilian 
> percussion............ot was ca;;ed called 'Assaulte e Bateria'.
>  Thanks for the semantic history, Darmuid!
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