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Re: The Historic and Aesthetic Origins of Live Looping

On 26/10/2014 18:52, Rick Walker wrote:

Terry Riley's work with the Time Lag Accumulator technique is a lot more 
interesting to me as an
Stockhausen's use of tape delay in the formation of Musique Concrete.

Stockhausen's set up also had feedback.

Does anyone else resonate with these distinctions about our aesthetic and 
historical origins?

Have to admit that I'm not familiar with Riley's tape work.

..but yes, Matt's invention would seem like the beginning.

The interesting thing is that Stockhausen had a way of
doing long delay with feedback with just one
modified tape deck.
...but no-one seems to care about that.

I expect that innovations are generally done by folks
with little talent for self promotion, and that hence
they aren't recorded by history.

..and yes, I get that you have a foot in both camps in that respect :-)