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Midi Foot Controller - Which One?

Gear Question:

At the start of each new song in a live performance, I need to change the starting patch number on four devices at once (drums, midi guitar, guitar multi-effects and vocalist harmonizer).

I have been told that there are devices that would make all these changes for me with one button push - neato!

So, here's some of the choices, any advice?

  • RJM Music MasterMind - $329.00 - 4 simultaneous devices on different channels

  • Voodoo Lab Ground Control Pro Prog MIDI Foot Controller - $399 8 simultaneous devices

  • Rocktron MIDI Raider MIDI Footcontroller Pedal  $499 - Not sure how many devices simultaneous

  • Rocktron MIDI Mate - $219 - Six changes on six channels simultaneously

  • GORDIUS Little Giant 2 - $699 - Higher $ than I want to go and how many simultaneous?

Any I'm leaving out?  (don't really want a keyboard in my rig and without a computer in the rig, USB powered controllers are out)

Thanks folks!