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Gauging interest: Looperlative LP2 for sale in the EU.

Hi all,

I am thinking of letting my Looperlative LP2 go and thought I would offer it to the list before I post it elsewhere. I got it at the beginning of 2012, so it's one of the earlier units and it has some issues. The problems I noticed with it are:

- It is noisy - I don't notice it most of the time (I run it before a guitar amp with pedals etc.), but if you record a short empty loop you can clearly hear the noise.  
- I did not manage to get the feedback pedal to work, but to be fair I only tried one pedal I had around (Boss EV-5).

Given the long lead times at Looperlative and the fact that it worked well enough for me I decided against sending it back to Bob for any upgrades. I used it at home and with a band for a short while (no gigs though), but I use it very rarely these days and it's a bit of a shame to have it sit around collecting dust. It is still the best pedal-based solution out there for the kind of looping I like to do (more as a guitar effect, less as a compositional tool), but my DD20 is just a more practical option these days. 

It is in good condition and will come with the original papers and a knob I put on the mix pot at the back. I am based in Berlin, Germany and I would prefer to keep shipping within the EU. 

I was thinking of EUR 200 (+ shipping) as a price for it, but happy to discuss. I could be interested in trades/partial trades for guitar pedals too. 

Please email me directly for pictures and with any questions.