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Re: Mobius challenge

Hey Amy,
How you doing?
Script would be perfect for this.  You could have one script do all this and include WAIT commands so that your functions only trigger when they should.  I'll have a try when I get home (unless someone beats me to it).

On Thursday, November 13, 2014, Amy X Neuburg <amyx@isproductions.com> wrote:
Ooh I know… I could first Instant Multiply 4 the first Track, then Copy Timing to the next track and Instant Multiply 4 again.
Surely even that idea is convoluted… I can likely preset every Track with some synch setting.
Pardon me while I use the forum to think out loud…

On Nov 13, 2014, at 5:31 PM, Amy X Neuburg <amyx@isproductions.com> wrote:

> Hi Mobi-ites:
> I have a programming assignment in Mobius for a piece composed for me by someone else.
> Maybe this is simple but I‘m all thumbs with synching stuff…
> These enter in the order shown:
> Track 1 = 1 beat (of a 4-beat bar)
> Track 2 = 16 beats (or 4 bars)
> Track 3 = 4 beats (or 1 bar)
> Track 4 = 16 beats, same as Track 2.
> I’d love to be able to do this idiot-proof-ly, without having to hit multiply start and stop. Like Instant Multiply and then Instant Divide and then Instant Multiply, but Multiply only goes up to 4. Should I use a script?
> Or is there some other synch thing I should try? I have in the past been using Copy Timing as I switch from one loop to the next, when I want all 4 loops to synch up, but I know that’s not the most efficient way….
> Thanks all!

Amy X Neuburg