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AW: lotsa quantized replace

Von: Louie Angulo [mailto:louie.angulo@yahoo.com] 

> Very nice Michael!
> Can you explain the process,that is the equipment,is that a line 6 mixer?
> Are you using the efftcs of the mixer for post proccesing?
> How are you sending the different outputs of the software to the 
> hardware mixer? 

(referring to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zLjc4qb_hFk)

I use Plogue Bidule here, running two instances of the Echoloop, in this 
case, which are synced but set to different lengths. There are many 
possibilities for many kinds of polyrhythm and of course this kind of 
thing can also be done using Moebius or other loopers. I use two buttons 
on a Softstep to do quantized replace (SUS replace), dropping notes into 
both loops.

The mixers you see in the video are 2 nanokontrols which control all sorts 
of things inside Plogue Bidule, I use them to start/stop loops but mainly 
to switch between GuitarRig settings, and fade all sorts of effects for 
pre- and postprocessing. Everything happens inside of Plogue Bidule. The 
sound output of Plogue Bidule goes directly into the soundcard and into 
the PA.