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Re: midi pitchbend

It depends on what your midifier is doing. Note and pitchbend and two separate commands, so it comes down to whether or not your midifier sends pitchbend. If it is just doing simple pitch->midi note command stuff, then you won't get any pitch bend. But, if it is tracking pitch, and then tracking subtle changes, and turning them into pitchbend as well, then it will have the pitchbend commands too. and/or there is a setting in the midi setup to toggle pitchbend on and off.


Quoting Michael Peters <mp@mpeters.de>:

a simple midi question:  when I bend strings on my midified guitar, or make
a glissando, the VST instruments seem to only get regular temperate tuning
midi notes - a C, a C#, whatever, but nothing in between.

Is there a way to somehow tell VST instruments, or synths, exactly what I
played, and make it play the exact pitch that I played? after all, there is
a pitchbend command.