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Re: midi pitchbend

I presume you're using Bidule as vst Host.
(otherwise, blame the host).

midi Pitch bend info is often used to help make the tracking faster,
so it *should* be happenning.
( i.e. if the Note-On is not quite right the pitch bend can fix it).

The usual standards for pitch bend amount are 12 semitones, or 2 semitones.
2 semitones fails on bends that reach a whole tone.
12 semitones tends to sound stepped.

Midi Pitch bend should have 2 bytes per pitch, MSB & LSB.
...but sometimes LSB isn't supported.

As already said, it's probably the setup of the midi-fied guitar that
will fix the problem, so don't know if any of this actually helps :-)


On 22/11/2014 16:38, Michael Peters wrote:
a simple midi question:  when I bend strings on my midified guitar, or 
make a glissando,the VST instrumentsseem toonlyget regulartemperate 
tuningmidi notes