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Replacing a Ditto X2 - (Defect footswitches all over)

Hi guys, i am looking for recommendations to replace a Ditto X2, which 

24bit conversion
USB loop export, import
Half Speed (tape-style, incl. pitch down -12)
True Bypass
Very short loops under 1.5 seconds/as fast as you can double click.
Small size

3 Ditto X2 broke down on me, recently a brand new one and a replacement 
unit both had defect footswitches already upon arrival. 
My old one showed that same behaviour only after a fe wmonths, and a small 
Ditoo i bought last year also had to be exahcnged showing a defect foot 

I was happy with all of the features of the DItto X2 listed above and 
don't want to buy BOSS, as they sound too bad to me (harsh, bad 
converters, 16 bit) and as well don't support loops under 1.5 seconds. I 
am not insisting on 24 bit as my Lexicon Jamman still sounds great with 
it's 12bit and after 20 years. 

I am a player, i don't need timnes stretching or storage options, unless 
they are (just) a plus. If there's any looper that features tape-style 
vario speed incl. the typical pitching i would be interested though.

Any recommendations here? 

Thanx very much in advance!