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Re: Replacing a Ditto X2 ? (Defect footswitches all over)

Wow that sounds bad man...specially coming from a company that had 
reliable reputation!

> On 02.12.2014, at 12:37, jrploopers <jrploopers@kliklak.net> wrote:
> Hi guys, i am looking for recommendations to replace a Ditto X2, which 
> features
> 24bit conversion
> Undo/Redo
> Reverse
> Half Speed
> True Bypass
> Support for loops under 1.5 seconds/as fast as you can double click.
> Small size
> 3 Ditto X2 broke down on me, recently a brand new one and a replacement 
> unit both had defect footswitches already upon arrival. 
> My old one showed that same behaviour only after a fe wmonths, and a 
> small Ditoo i bought last year also had to be exahcnged showing a defect 
> foot switch. 
> I was happy with all of the features of the DItto X2 listed above and 
> don't want to buy BOSS, as they sound too bad to me (harsh, bad 
> converters, 16 bit) and as well don't support loops under 1.5 seconds. I 
> am not insisting on 24 bit as my Lexicon Jamman still sounds great with 
> it's 12bit and after 20 years. 
> I am a player, i don't need timnes stretching or storage options, unless 
> they are (just) a plus. If there's any looper that features tape-style 
> vario speed incl. the typical pitching i would be interested though.
> Any recommendations here? 
> Thanx very much in advance!
> jayrope
> ---
> kliklak.net
> aircushionfinish.com
> prinzenallee.com