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Replacing a Ditto X2 ? (Defect footswitches all over)

(Excuse the  double posting, please)

Thanx for the "ruth" Louie ;) The foot switch issues i am having with both 
Ditto versions seem to appear with Flashback x4 users as well. Just google 
it. TC seems to have the worst reputation regarding even the repairability 
of their switches. Devices are so complex, that they don't hesitate trying 
to sell you a new unit instead of repairing the switch. I deeply 
disrespect that kind of spoiled rich kid policy. So anyhow:

Any suggestions for alternative hardware loopers available with about the 
specs i listed? 

Please add "Silent foot switch(es)" to those.


On another note:

Per Boysen's looper comparison chart on 
http://www.looproom.com/looperchart.php is the most comprehensive i could 
find (thanx much, Per), but doesn't list newer things and as well i could 
imagine a row of "known issues" as well as "foot switches silent?".

I danced a bit with a Chinese thing yesterday, a "NUX Loop Core", which 
does a lot of things only bigger and much more pricey Western machines do, 
but i don't trust the manufacturing quality (yet).