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post your issues with loop machines

- Would you all post your issues with loop machines you tried out?

I am especially concerned with brekaing mechanical parts or functions 
advertised, that don't work as expected.
I am using loopers mostly not as playback machines, but as musical 
instruments, like many of you. 
So for instance i am dispappointed by BOSS downgrading the bit depth of 
their rc-300/505 series to 16bit (while the RC-50 sounded better on 24), 
by bad converters (Boss again for instance sound really flat and harsh on 
large PA systems), 
by breaking faders and footswitches, that can't be repaired (TC 
Electronics), etc.

- And would you also post the most musicla features you have found in loop 
I personally like extreme time stretching such as in the electrix 
Repeater, or the slicing of the LP2 (when it finally gets released in 
April 2015).

I am collecting all this for a new hardware looper comparison chart.

Thank you!