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Re: post your issues with loop machines

Huh, the RC-50 didn't sound great regardless of bit depth.

Really the need for 24bit converters isn't a quality issue as such, it's 
to do with headroom.

If you have a stompbox with no volume control on the input you need 24bit
to handle the variation in levels that the user will feed in.

If there's volume trim on the input then a bit depth beyond 16 is only 
going to
help if the rest of the circuitry is 'studio quality', and you're in a 
Live it's not going to make a perceivable difference.

good question though :-)
will have a think if there's any relevant data I can send you.


On 05/12/2014 11:41, jrploopers wrote:
So for instance i am dispappointed by BOSS downgrading the bit depth of 
their rc-300/505 series to 16bit
(while the RC-50 sounded better on 24),
by bad converters (Boss again for instance sound really flat and harsh on 
large PA systems),