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RE: Lots of lovely el cheapo Looping goodness

Correction on reading the manual - 40 seconds of looping and overdubbing. And it seems that the I can make the little feller go down to 40 beats per minute for a semibreve. But still cute and a lot of battery powered fun at 40$


(I speak as musician-in-landscape - your needs for battery-powered looping goodness may be lesser than mine)

From: takas20@hotmail.com
To: loopers-delight@loopers-delight.com
Subject: Lots of lovely el cheapo Looping goodness
Date: Wed, 10 Dec 2014 08:25:38 +0000

OK, if you want undo, replacement, quantizing, storage, multi-track, midi-control, 48 bit 96Khz over sampling precision, brother synch and all that stuff then this pedal is quite definitely not for you.


If (like me) you would quite like to sit in the sun on a wharf by a river in the afternoon for 2 hours play time up to 20 seconds stereo overdubbing looping on rechargeable 9v battery power with a quite-good and very-affordable unit with quite fetching effects before the loop + tails


may I recommend the NUX Time Force?

It's a commodity shall we say unit at 40$ on eBay, but it does what it says.

I got one in a pawn shop on a whim, and just played looping games with a thumb piano in the sun for 50 minutes or so. It has a pretty good digital and tape delay emulation, a delightfully "who left the LP in the rain by the fire" warped analog mod all for up to about 4 seconds I think. Can't tell, manual is bizarre and has all the wrong information on it along with all sorts of jokes I didn't get.

But at 40$ I think it is a wonderful swagman's looper. (swagman=tramp=hobo - Australian)

Nux = Nyx = night in Greek I think, it's also called Cherub industries.