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Q: Little Giant Target Switching

Hey Little Giant users:

I’ve been using and really digging Michael Peters' Echoloop config (as seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zLjc4qb_hFk&index=6&list=LL2GZv58qfB34QKUB0Sc-c1g).

He is essentially running two instances of Echoloop softlooper, each in its own track within Ableton Live.

His footswitch config is Zen simplicity: One switch sends a quant replace to one instance of Echoloop; another switch sends a quant replace to the other instance of Echoloop.

Now my question:

I love that simplicity, BUT I miss all the other MIDI commands I’m accustomed to sending to my own single-Echoloop instance. Typically I have one full bank on my LG, and I do not switch to another bank.

I *could* create duplicate LG banks broadcasting on different MIDI channels, but that seems so unwieldy somehow… so...

>  Do any of you know of an elegant way in LG to send messages from ONE LG bank, to either one or the other Echoloop instance in Ableton?

Maybe some weird LG command that switches all messages in that bank from one MIDI channel to another on the fly (with each Ableton track listening for one or the other MIDI channel)?

Or maybe an Ableton “switch” function one could call by MIDI to enable only one or the other Ableton track at a time to be listening for incoming LG MIDI channel messages?

Many thanks all - and thanks to Michael Peters for the inspiration :)

Phil :)