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Re: Q: Little Giant Target Switching

Is Michael using Ableton?

On 13/12/2014 22:48, Phil Clevenger wrote:
Hey Little Giant users:

*>  Do any of you know of an elegant way in LG to send messages from ONE 
LG bank,

to either one or the other Echoloop instance in Ableton?

Not in Ableton, easiest way is to put the 2 Echoloops onto different Midi 
Then there's a number of options.

Unfortunately Ableton puts all midi commands onto channel 1.

I thought Michael used Bidule, in which case no problem with channels,
or no problem with some kind of Bidule based midi routing.

I can think of a workaround, but why only one bank? (or song)

For the hardware EDPs I use a song for each machine,
a bank for both machine together (and  a song for presets)
Each song uses the same bank,
put a preset attached to the song reassigns the midi channel.

but that's just like changing banks ( and on the latest LG
firmware can be done without involving "songs")