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Re: OT: Digital tape delay with hold and modulation

On 15/12/2014 10:53, jrploopers wrote:
- behaves like a tape upon delay time change (so basically 
pitching/speeding accordingly)

Unfortunately there's two ways that can happen.

1) Tape head moves (like in an Echoplex Delay) . Result, pitch warble 
which gets into loop, basic pitch the same.

2) Tape speed changes, varispeed. pitch of material changes in the way you 

Most manufacturer's now accept 1) as standard, or so it seems.
It's much easier to implement, and as it's like the old analog echoplex so 
why would they make more effort.

Really the effect you want is only common in early bucket brigade delay 
...or more related to tape loops.

I want to add to your feature set too :-)

- stereo delay
- insert for feedback
- 32s delay at least
- button to double delay time without pitch change
- square wave modulation, easy to set to octave, 5th, 4th
- tap time without pitch change, option to clear out old loop on the first