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Re: Citations needed for Wikipedia

I think it's much more of a game than you'd imagine.

If citatations are done in the Wikipedia format (links to a list at the 
bottom of the page),
and are placed into the test at least as if they support each point being 
you might get away with it.

Really what they ask for is "secondary quotes". (quoted twice)
i.e. if an academic paper  magazine quoted what Matthias said to a 
2 levels of quoting.

It's more likely that the way your quoting looks is going to be 
but not so much the content.

Anyway,some sources:-

maybe the manual can be cited to prove involvement of Gibson?


An independent version of the history is here:

"The original Oberheim Exhoplex was initially released in 1994. Later, in 2001 
it was relabeled the Gibson Echoplex after Gibson took over Oberheim. Then it was 
reissued in 2003 in a slightly upgraded form as the Gibson Echoplex Digital Pro Plus 
(pictured above in black)."


andy butler

On 02/02/2015 20:04, Clifford Novey wrote:
I edited the page in 2010 (quoted at bottom) and it has since been removed 
by a user stating it did not have citations. I am ot sure how I would get 
citations for the whole Paradis to Oberhiem to Gibson story. Any help 
appreciated. I prefer direct email to this list.

I hope everyone is well and I still loop!

cnovey@gmail dot cm
or clifford@cliffordnovey d o t c m

current Wiki page- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Echoplex

removed section:

    "The Echoplex Digital Pro

Gibson, after buying the Echoplex brand later (ca 1993) licensed the hardware and software of the Paradis Loop 
Delay originally created by Matthias Grob <http://matthias.grob.org/pMusEng/loopdev.htm> and his team at 
Aurisis Research <http://www.aurisis.com/aboutus.htm>. It was branded the Oberheim Echoplex Digital Pro 
(Oberheim was a division of Gibson at the time)and a later revision was branded the Gibson Echoplex Digital Pro 
Plus and contained a major software upgrade called LoopIV developed and still sold as of this writing by Aurisis 
Research <http://www.aurisis.com/loopiv.htm>. The "EDP" as it would be called was a major 
development and innovation in the technique of audio looping (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Music_loop) and 
still has an eclectic following of users also known as "loopers". The EDP is an all digital device and 
though retaining the Echoplex name does not retain any of the electro mechanical design of the original, ie. the 
analog tape loop. The
website and looper resource Looper's Delight 
<http://www.loopers-delight.com/loop.html> was created by the EDP co-developer 
Kim Flint and still hosts an active email list. (Information for this section was 
gathered from the web pages linked in this section and from emails exchanged with 
Matthias Grob. See also 
http://www.loopers-delight.com/tools/echoplex/OBechoplexhistory.html for a brief 
history written by Matthias Grob.)"