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Getting everything out of the Boomerang III

Hello fellow loopers :)

This is an email I sent to the owner of Boomerang with some questions regarding my phrase sampler III:

I have had some chats with fellow Rang III & Side Car owner Randolph Arriola about how to get those 4 individual stereo volume control pots to be operated by foot..so far we haven't come up with any good solution other than perhaps something like the T.I.P. 3rd Hand or the Electro-Harmonix Hot Food - both of which are out of business..I guess a mod for "normal" _expression_ pedals would be a better solution, but I'm not technical or daring enough to embark on something like that without a clear guide/manual for how to do it :)

Do you have any thoughts about this or suggestions on how to crack this challenge? 

Also, I was thinking about the option you have of decay OR volume adjustment via the _expression_ out:

I would like to entertain the idea (maybe a possible software update, perhaps with some DIY'ing, to get a second exp out so that we can have decay and volume controlled with their own _expression_ pedal, instead of either or...

As Randolphs says: "I can understand why you would want that but unfortunately that's not possible as it involves coding". So I thought I'd bug the master directly about these two issues/suggestions :)

Naturally, this is the reply I got from Mike:

 Individual loop volume control is definitely not something that can be added on. While it's possible to do it, it would require a serious software mod.
        The second idea is also totally reasonable, but probably not something that we'll add soon. A second exp pedal port would require mods to everything: chassis, circuit boards, software...

So, I present you guys the case, in hopes of coming up with a definitive solution. So far I get that it's "impossible" other than perhaps unmounting(?) the individual volume pots on the actual Rang III and wiring them out to a (DIY?) _expression_ pedal, where those pots would be laid horizontally, so as to avoid having to bow down and adjust by hand..but I'm not sure/don't think those pots can easily be unmounted and I don't wanna f up the pedal in the process :) Same as with the _expression_ for decay and volume separately, I see that that will not be possible given that I can't mod the software myself. But again we have a dedicated decay volume pot on the device - so the question is - should I spring for a used 3rd hand for each of the volume pots potentially, or do you guys have some alternative ideas? Thanks :)

/Torben Scharling