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Re: Getting everything out of the Boomerang III

I don't know if this will work, but I purchased something called the
"Option Knob" a while back for my Boss rc20xl.

I don't know if the knobs can be removed from the rang to mount the
OKnob on the post, but it would certainly be a less intense
I have a rang, and I haven't tried it just because I've got my toes
full, as it were, with everything else going on there. :)


On 3/2/15, Torben Scharling <torbenscharling@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello fellow loopers :)
> This is an email I sent to the owner of Boomerang with some questions
> regarding my phrase sampler III:
> *I have had some chats with fellow Rang III & Side Car owner Randolph
> Arriola about how to get those 4 individual stereo volume control pots to
> be operated by foot..so far we haven't come up with any good solution 
> other
> than perhaps something like the T.I.P. 3rd Hand or the Electro-Harmonix 
> Hot
> Food - both of which are out of business..I guess a mod for "normal"
> expression pedals would be a better solution, but I'm not technical or
> daring enough to embark on something like that without a clear 
> guide/manual
> for how to do it :)Do you have any thoughts about this or suggestions on
> how to crack this challenge? Also, I was thinking about the option you 
> have
> of decay OR volume adjustment via the expression out:*
> *I would like to entertain the idea (maybe a possible software update,
> perhaps with some DIY'ing, to get a second exp out so that we can have
> decay and volume controlled with their own expression pedal, instead of
> either or...*
> *As Randolphs says: "I can understand why you would want that but
> unfortunately that's not possible as it involves coding". So I thought 
> I'd
> bug the master directly about these two issues/suggestions :)*
> Naturally, this is the reply I got from Mike:
> * Individual loop volume control is definitely not something that can be
> added on. While it's possible to do it, it would require a serious 
> software
> mod.        The second idea is also totally reasonable, but probably not
> something that we'll add soon. A second exp pedal port would require mods
> to everything: chassis, circuit boards, software...*
> So, I present you guys the case, in hopes of coming up with a definitive
> solution. So far I get that it's "impossible" other than perhaps
> unmounting(?) the individual volume pots on the actual Rang III and 
> wiring
> them out to a (DIY?) expression pedal, where those pots would be laid
> horizontally, so as to avoid having to bow down and adjust by hand..but 
> I'm
> not sure/don't think those pots can easily be unmounted and I don't 
> wanna f
> up the pedal in the process :) Same as with the expression for decay and
> volume separately, I see that that will not be possible given that I 
> can't
> mod the software myself. But again we have a dedicated decay volume pot 
> on
> the device - so the question is - should I spring for a used 3rd hand for
> each of the volume pots potentially, or do you guys have some alternative
> ideas? Thanks :)
> /Torben Scharling