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OT: Imaginary 3D music grid.. scales needed.

Not Audio Live looping related, but CV looping related.

I am working with Matt from HackMe devices developing the conceptual needs for his amazing Vectr Eurorack instrument... 


( I love my one so much I begged him to let me help him work on the V2 software, which is nearly finished, Im very exited about it, and proud to be partly behind the sequencer functionality in the device)

To explain what it is in a sentence, Its a 3 dimensional field where you can map the area in from of it in terms of X Y and Z space (X=left<>right, Y=up<>down and Z=in<>out).

In vanilla mode this sounds theramin like, except that if you want you can send the 3 directions to 3 oscillators... (or 1 oscillator an amplifier for fading the note in and a filter for sculpting the tone)

But heres the interesting thing, and the thing I need help with..
The space can be quantised... Currently there are are 5 types: OFF, Chromatic, Major, pentatonic and one more mode that I dont quite understand.

But.. none of the quantise settings really work so that, ANY XYZ works musically...

so imagine the scenario..(I think 2D is enough to think about the Z space would work if XY did)

Move you hand from left to right will make an oscilator go up and down in musical steps. and moving it up and down will make another oscilator also pitch in musical steps..

So we have a grid, bottom left, both VCOs are playing C3 for example, and Top Right they are both playing C5. So our playable area is set to 2 octaves (this is variable from 1 to 5 octaves, but 2 is quite playable, any more is too small areas)
What we want is that any place in that grid gives a pleasing harmony...
NOT looking for discord or tension here... thats quite possible already...
But for him to SHIFT MORE UNITS.. he really needs some "playability"

(Ten minutes later after nipping out to see a nearly total eclipse.. fun)

Of course I will just sit down with a keyboard and try it out.. but interested in some theory here..
Am i looking at "modes" here? 
Or am I just limited to notes in the root chord 1st 3rd 4th 5th...


Mark Francombe
twitter @markfrancombe