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Re: Line6 Echo Pro Looper Help?

On 2015-03-31 07:12, Syd wrote:

if theres anyone who uses or has used the echo pro as a looper, what
midi setup did you use to record, play, and clear loops?

Well, it's been a hella long time since I did any looping with my Echo Pro's (they went into a storage locker in 2007). And I'm certain it's been a good 10 years since I initially set them up. But I do vaguely remember one thing from that set-up process: one of the methods for MIDI control was completely whacked.

IIRC, you can set up the Echo Pro to respond to either Program Change or Continuous Controller MIDI commands (Sorry. I don't have the manual, so I'm a bit fuzzy on the details). I remember that the first type I picked resulted in erratic and non-consistent behavior -- not unlike what you've been describing here. Drove me crazy for a couple of days.

I never resolved that issue. Instead, I finally punted and switched over to the other type of data control. Then everything worked fine from that point forward. I wish I could recall which type was glitchy and which solid, but since you're now having trouble with Program Changes, I would recommend trying your setup using CC control rather than PC's.

Maybe that helps...???