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Re: Line6 Echo Pro Looper Help?

On 31/03/2015 00:12, Syd wrote:
it's weird and seems to only be a bug because im doing the same thing and getting different results. but i might also be doing it wrong, i am using the looper reset (PC126) function to clear the loop and start fresh each time.
well it's possible that looper reset PC126 doesn't reset the loop to normal speed.
Perhaps it should.

im simply pressing PC101 to record (with halfspeed and reverse off), then pressing it again to play the loop and then trying halfspeed. most of the time it plays halfspeed

but sometimes the light comes on and does nothing,

that sounds like a bug to me,
nothing happens because it's already in halfspeed.

then when i press it again normal has become 2xspeed. i then use PC126 to reset looper and get rid of loop.

i did some further testing and have been using MIDI PC 105 "looper stop only" according to my manual, to record.... go figure?

i press PC105 to record, then i press my PC101 button, which plays the loop. using it in this fashion, i'm yet to have halfspeed screwup... when i stop the loop by pressing PC101 again i can press PC105 and it will begin recording a fresh loop. if i press it while a loop is playing it will overdube, so seems to cover me as a "record" button, and no need to wipe my loop as i was previously doing.

so of my 5 buttons i have the following:

sw1 = PC105 stop (but it actually arms new recording or overdubs if current loop playing)
sw2 = PC101 rec/play/stop/play...
sw3 = PC102 rec/stop/play/stop...
sw4 = PC108 halfspeed
sw5 = PC109 reverse

this is working and im settling on it for the time being but it begs more questions like, why is the PC105 command listed in the manual as "stop only", arming the looper record function... is my firmware buggy or does my unit have a screw loose.

all sounds as if it was never properly tested.
(not that uncommon for looping devices, sadly)

if theres anyone who uses or has used the echo pro as a looper, what midi setup did you use to record, play, and clear loops?

i have a support ticket with line6 but it's been several days.. legacy products etc.
Do the firmware upgrade.

To be honest, tech support in a big company is usually a guy with a stack of manuals.

...and the answer you'll eventually get is "upgrade to latest firmware" :-)

If that doesn't fix everything then you're already doing good at finding workarounds.


On Tue, Mar 31, 2015 at 3:50 AM, andy butler <akbutler@tiscali.co.uk> wrote:
Some of this sounds like bugs,
so the firmware upgrade sounds like a good idea,
(well there's must be a reason they went to the effort).

The thing with Half speed.

Obviously you are sometimes  recording at Half Speed, so hitting the speed button
takes you to regular speed, with the audio an octave up.

It's *possible* there's no bug, certainly on the DL4 it's possible to go into
Half speed *before * recording.
Maybe if you stop the loop and erase while in Half speed it stays at that speed(?).


On 29/03/2015 23:15, Syd wrote:
too much gear to think of acquiring new stuff unfortunately.

after some further research, i've uncovered that my echopro is running firmware v1.10 so it must be a very early unit. further digging tells me at least firmware v1.30 was released around 2003. I'm guessing at least regarding the halfspeed/2xspeed issues i'm seeing that my firmware has some bugs which may have been fixed in a later firmware?

unfortunately, i cannot find any info relating to firmware revisions for the echo pro, or if its even possible to update over MIDI or if it needs a new eprom chip or something? anybody have any info like that?

also, if anyone has advice re: midi setup for properly recreating the DL4 style functions i'd be most obliged.

On Mon, Mar 30, 2015 at 2:57 AM, bill walker <wildbillwalker@icloud.com> wrote:
well this is not a fix per say, but the TC Ditto x2 is essentially the same function ( without the delays and once only feature) as the DL-4, has both reverse and half speed and a much longer loop recording time, and and undo function.
On Mar 28, 2015, at 11:03 PM, Syd <syd@summerwinter.com> wrote:

> hello, i've brought out the echo pro after some time.
> i previously used DL4 for my looping and the echo pro for delay programs, so never properly used the echopro looper function. i'm finally giving it a whirl.
> like most DL4 users, i overuse the halfspeed and reverse options for atmospheric stuff..
> im attempting to replicate that usage with the echo pro but i seem to be having an issue when putting a loop into halfspeed. mostly it works as expected however, sometimes the halfspeed light comes on but it does nothing to the loop... when i press halfspeed again my loop is now in 2x speed chipmunk mode. this is obviously pretty frustrating when i specifically want to use one or the other...
> i've setup 5 x PC switches within a bank on my rocktron all access midi pedal as follows:
> sw1 = looper reset PC126
> sw2 = rec/play/stop/play PC101
> sw3 = rec/stop/play/stop PC102
> sw4 = halfspeed PC108
> sw5 = reverse PC109
> i am not sure if it is something to do with the length of the loop i make, or the point in playback at which i engage halfspeed but ive done numerous tests and seen different results for the same test many times which is confusing.
> ive found a few loop attempt tests where i rec/play a 4 bar loop and hit halfspeed almost straight away and instead of halfspeed it plays 2x almost every time.
> is this halfspeed quirk a known issue or is my unit acting up? were there any firmware updates to the echo pro? is my midi usage wrong? should i use CC? how can i get around this?
> additionally, i dont want any effect on my looper. I've setup program 99 as the looper with time/echo/repeats dialed down to 0 and this is the program i bring up. however it doesn't seem to play nicely with looper reset, which im using to reset/refresh things between recording a loops i make using PC101.
> when pressing PC126, it seems to reset my saved program 99 to the looper default settings with time at 0.5sec and echo & repeats on etc. how can i stop that? or what is the proper usage for calling up the looper and having no effect on it, as well as for recording and playing and clearing of my loop to record fresh again? basically, what midi options should i use to most simply recreate my DL4 usage which is simple as hell?

[ Jada White ]
[ M: 0405 615 291 ]
[ E: jadawhite@gmail.com ]

[ Jada White ]
[ M: 0405 615 291 ]
[ E: jadawhite@gmail.com ]