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A Question for the Mobius Gurus

I've been using Mobius for a little over two years, and  I can do pretty much everything I need to do on it, with a tip o the hat to Daniel Thomas who helped me get up and running and understanding what can be done with my next loop and and next track automation, and how I need to set it up for sub cycle  sustain substitute and replace moves.  he also gave me a couple of scripts, that were shared publicly by perhaps Per or Sylvain he thought would mimic some of the multiple commands that I had used on the Looperlative LP-1. At this point the how to of creating a script still eludes my caveman brain, though I have found that in some cases assigning more than on function to a midi note command has worked, without writing a script,and in some cases it has not. 
  I set up my next track function to copy timing so that when I went to a new track it would be in sync and the same length as the first track. Once Ive done this I like to initiate a command that combines replace with track speed toggle. I do this to create my initial faux shaker rhythmic sound that sounds twice as fast and an octave higher than I played it. I've been using a script that does this but it is hit and miss as to whether it lines up properly with my first track. On the Looperlative I could drop in and out of this command any where in the loop cycle and it would sound in sync.
    So Im wondering if a script could be created that combined  replace with track speed toggle, with perhaps realign (which Im still not quite sure how to use) , that would make this more seamless. In general it seems there is more latency in the commands in Mobius than with the Looperlative so perhaps my timing issue might have to do with that, but I don't know if thats the reason why Im having this problem. any help would be appreciated. Im also wondering if this issue might have to do with how my sub cycles are configured (usually 16 or 12 subs per cycle)  here is what the current script looks like:

!name replacespdtogglev6

if mode = play

if mode = replace


Thanks for any insight if you have it, I've been trying to not pepper people with too many questions about this and I have found a work around that involves more note commands but I wish I had one command to do it all