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vocal effects processors?

I bet you folks will have some suggestions for inexpensive live vocal 
processor pedals.
For those rare gigs where I’m just singing (not schlepping all my gear), I 
like a little reverb on my voice, and occasionally a tube distortion 
effect or a delay. Many of the little art houses where I frequently play 
have no effects in-house, so I bring my old Dynachord rack unit and hook 
it up to their mixer as a send. Sounds great.

But this is a pain, and I can’t change effects from the stage, so I’m 
thinking about a pedal or other small device to use like an insert. This 
will color the sound, I realize, so I wonder if anyone knows of a 
particularly clean one. I’m okay without huge programming capability — 
some good presets with a few adjustable parameters would be fine.  Do not 
need looper, do not need harmonizer, do not need auto-tune (blech!). Does 
something this simple even exist?

I see a TC Helicon Single R1 that does ONLY reverb. That’s TOO simple.

— Amy

Amy X Neuburg