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Blooming soundcards...

Not really loop related but its something we all talk about all the time, so I hope its fits, best place for knowledge of this sort.

OK I currently own and use a MOTU Ultralite THE ORIGINAL version, I guess mk1, although mark 1s are not normally called mark 1.

Im very happy with it, but for modular synth recording, I run out of channels pretty quick. and would like 16. Now I know that if I bought another, and connected them via the firewire port, it can show up as 16 channels on the computer... lovely.
But heres the thing, Id like to do away with my hardware mixer completely, I dont really mix on it, just use it for inputs to my speakers AND.... reverb. So Im going first to the mixer, and the direct outs go to my sound card, and cos I return the reverb on a channel, THAT goes to a stereo chanel on teh soundcard too. (hence why I run out.

NOW.. the new version of the Motu Ultralite (maybe even the mk2, if there was one, I can find it anywhere) HAS REVERB BUILT IN... So I was wondering, if the old mk1 was plugged into the new one via firewire, can it access the reverb? Of course I couldnt use the channel controls on the mk1 as it doesnt have a reverb control, but what if it went in thru the optical ins, would the 8 channels from the mk1 show up on the mk3 as ditital ins and therefor get reverb...

Aghh prob too confusing to understand...
Anyway, I prob dont have enough for the mk3 anyway... just thinking out loud...