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Re: stand for guitar bass stick - play standing up

yup, made a double-neck bass/guitar cause having one on a stand didn’t work out for what I wanted to do, it was uncomfortable to have something else fixate the instrument i was using, probably mostly cause I’ve gotten so used to hugging my instruments into my hips/belly while sitting or standing with it..The Mbrace looks cool though and I might try it out one day but essentially I achieved the same thing with wrapping my strap around the top part of a mic stand, making a temporary and free “mbrace”….quick google found this https://www.gollihurmusic.com/product/1617-ENDPIN_STAND_AND_ACCESSORIES_FOR_NS_DESIGN_BASSES.html 

On Tue, Dec 15, 2015 at 8:12 PM, Giuliano Torelli <twofatesproject@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi Antony
I use Mbrace guitar holder

You can check the result here: Http://www.youtube.com/twofatesproject

I hope someone has other solutions.


Da: Antony Hequet
Inviato: ‎14/‎12/‎2015 09:19
A: Loopers-Delight
Oggetto: stand for guitar bass stick - play standing up


I know that this must have come up before as many loopers are also multi instrumentalists. I would like to have my chapman stick and NS stick on a high stand so I can reach for it and play standing up. Anyone out there who has found a nice solution to this?


Torben Scharling