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Re: Tremelo bridge?

Hey Mark,   if you are serious about a Bigsby these guys make products that allow you , like a mounting bracket that, depending on what kind of bridge you have,can use existing holes and  though Bigsby's require no routing, and another ad on string retainer product that makes the hassle of Bigsby restringing, a breeze.
 Bigsby's are made of aluminum that effects the tone in what many consider to be a positive way, adding a bit more zing in the highs and might be ideal for your baritone adding a bit of clarity, and they don't add lots of weight to the instrument the enough that if you have a heavy neck that  tends to want to dip down.  Stew Mac carries several different models 
The Stets bar products are very cool as well, though Im not nearly as familiar with playing them,  in fact I can count on one finger the times I have.
The design is sound and the guy who makes  them is a nice chap.