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Re: Tremelo bridge?

My $.02

I've gone through all the trem recipes on semi hollows and hollow bodies 
and landed on 2 solutions that I consider superior.

For a Bigsby type solution I prefer the guitar featish .com xtrem to the 
Bigsby for a bunch of reasons. Firstly, it's half the weight. 2ndly the 
string changing method is easier without add ons. Also the bar is a bit 
sexier. I replace the bars with a duesnberg Bigsby replacement arm which 
is adjustable. Killer.

If there's a stop tailpiece I like the duesnberg les trem II. It's smooth, 
stays in tune and is like a lightweight mini Bigsby.

Of course, locking tuners, slippery nuts and saddles help everything as 
does stretching the strings. Without those I wouldn't expect trems to stay 
in tune.  The stetsbar is a great idea that sucks tone out of the notes 
above the 12th fret. It's super smooth and fun to play with if you don't 
mind losing sustain.

Teddy K