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Re: software looper

If you want to go with Mobius you need to get around the fact that
Mobius is a 32- bit coded plugin while OS and most DAWs run by 64 bit
code. This is no problem on my Macbook Pro with 10.10.4 if running
Mobius as a standalone. But since you want to add playback of
pre-recorded files you need a host. Three possible hosts I know about:

- Plogue Bidule.
My favorite, since I like to set the tempo by my playing and the loops
I snatch off my playing (rather than setting up a tempo in advance in
the host and try to start playing in that tempo... oh the dreadful
click track feel...). Bidule can still boot in 32-bit mode on my
system and has a rock solid internal timing that allows for setting up
Mobius AU/VST plug-in to send out MIDI Clock through the OS IAC bus
and then in Bidule you convert that to the Bidule internal sync and
set all the VST plugins in your patches to follow that tempo. There is
also a nice way to use Bidule as a "rack of pre-looper effect chain
patches"; you may have a pedalboard that sends MIDI Program Change
events and switch between as many virtual pedalboards you think you
need. I use to have about ten of them, some more like virtual mixing
console builds. The way to do that is to use Bidules object called
Audio Switcher (it reacts by default to incoming MIDI PrCh by swithing
its input to the output corresponding to the actual PC number). Bidule
has File Player objects, but not time stretching to fit files to
tempo. But a drum machine plugin can be set up to follow host tempo.

- Mainstage.
When Apple shipped Mainstage it was almost a replica of what I used to
build in Bidule. But Mainstage has this Playback instrument, that I
think would fit your project perfectly. Any files you mix down from
Logic will adapt to the host tempo if loaded into one of Mainstage's
Playback instruments. For a while I used to mix down 60 to 100 bars
long breakbeat loops in Live (with that random clip jumping that
swapps around 32th notes of different timbre between the clips) and
these drum tracks worked very well for me in Mainstage's Playback when
I had Mobius as the tempo sync master and the whole Mainstage host
following that tempo (same trick as with Bidule). But the a few
versions back Mainstage stopped supporting 32-bit coded AU plugins, so
Mobius was not allowed anymore. An old 32-bit version of Mainsstage
may work if your OS can run it. A cool thing with Mainstage is that
all effects and synths are extremely light on the CPU - and you get
Alchemy II which is awesome! (I've noticed when producing recorded
music in Logic that when changing Chamel Audio's version of Alchemy in
my old projects to the new Alchemy II the CPU load goes down and it
also sounds better now. Oh, and those new MIDI plugins; arpeggiators
and modulators is also very cool to have in Mainstage.) Speaking about
Mainstage own built-in looper, called Loopback, I have noticed that
even if it's possible to have Loopback set the global tempo for
Mainstage I was never able to get a smooth start when creating the
first loop. There's always a bump when Mainstage adapts to the set
tempo (Bidule handles this flawlessly).

- Bitwig (DAW).
Normally a DAW is not a stable option for real-time live audio input
processing, as in live looping. )Bidule and Mainstage has no
sequencers and that makes them much more stable as a looper host).
Bitwig is special though, because it is a modern 64 bit DAW that is
built to also support old 32 bit plugins. So in Bitwig you can run all
the new stuff together with Mobius and if a plugin crashes there is a
sandboxing system in Bitwig that keeps the host running while you
simply re-instantiate the plugin te get back on track. You have not
told us what you want to use for setting the master tempo, but from my
point of view - wanting to set the tempo by the playing and looping -
there is one big disadvantage with Bitwig: that it can not follow an
external tempo clock. But for a loopist that rather wants to set the
tempo by stomping a tap tempo pedal I'd say Bitwig would be the ideal
host that will keep on running 32 bit Mobius for a long time into the

A modern standalone like Logeloop is very cool IMHO. If Logelloop
covers your needs you will have a lot of fun with it. Some very cool
step sequencing plugins in Logeloop and I also like that the hole damn
mixer with all its settings can be saved and recall as a snapshot.
Just like that tech guy (forgot his name) programmed for Richie Hawtin
in Max4Live. And there is this super nice function that you can set a
time inertia for all mixer values, including speed and pitch shift
settings of loops, to crawl slowly from one value to the values of the
next shapshot. This can sound really exciting, kind of mega morphing,
all details fall apart and re-unites ina new groove/chord/key...

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen

On Sun, Jan 31, 2016 at 9:44 PM, Torben Scharling
<torbenscharling@gmail.com> wrote:
> I am in the middle of starting my setup from scratch cause el crap 
> refused
> to log in after the latest update, and I didn't have a recent enough 
> backup
> (silly me). After scanning the gear slutz I decided to go with 10.9.5
> (Mavericks..the one before yosemite). How's mobius on that os x version?
> Maybe more stable? Also, why don't you set those pre-loaded drum loops 
> up in
> your DAW, instead of into a hardware device, and switch it around with 
> midi
> foot controllers `?
> On a side note I'm not fond of the look and approach of ableton live 
> (maybe
> I need to update my brain and start using it though?) cause I'm not 
> finding
> Reaper stable enough (time will tell if it changes now that I'm doing a
> serious re-start, checking everything much more thoroughly than before). 
> I
> dig dig diggg the MainStage ability to keep a midi note going, change 
> sound
> to another sound/preset/patch without it abruptly changing over to the
> selected sound/prese... something I don't think most other DAWS can do,
> still to this day?! Or has that finally been added to ableton live??
> I guess if I should ditch my boomerang III + side car it would be if I 
> could
> setup a software equivalent with the exact same functions (Cause I 
> need/want
> to be able to individually adjust the loop volumes, and unfortunately 
> Mike
> from Rang is not helpful with that with his weird design on those endless
> digital rotary encoders, that one day for sure will be kicked and break, 
> and
> are impossible to operate with your foot in a live situ..so we/I have to
> come up with a DIY solution ourselves, and perhaps the only solution is 
> to
> drop using hardware loopers/boomerang. Luckily I just received two really
> nice silent click 12 and 4 button usb midi controller pedals with 
> individual
> light indicators, and I'm gonna try to setup those to work as the 
> ultimate
> loopers, if I don't get a handle on those pesky encoders on the rang. 
> Some
> people have mentioned buying 4 Third hand pedals to adjust them, but that
> would be a much heavier, and big pedal board, than what I had in mind, 
> which
> was to have 4 EV-5's doing the volume changing of those 4 loops, and 
> that's
> not technically possible.)
> On Sun, Jan 31, 2016 at 4:28 PM, Philippe ollivier
> <Philippe.ollivier@logellou.com> wrote:
>> OK, I send it off list.
>> Philippe
>> Le 31 janv. 2016 à 15:11, EJ Singson <ejsingson@gmail.com> a écrit :
>> One shot is totally integral. I would love to try your program! Can o 
>> get
>> a beta link?
>> Sent from my iPhone
>> On Jan 31, 2016, at 4:14 AM, Philippe ollivier
>> <Philippe.ollivier@logellou.com> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Have you tried Logelloop?
>> It is very stable on Yosemite.
>> Each track has a ‘play once’ button (a bit broken in the current but the
>> fix is coming very soon now and I can send you offlist a link to the 
>> beta
>> who fix it)
>> It is possible to preload loops and record overdubs on them.
>> And much more is possible!
>> You’ll find the demo at www.logelloop.com.
>> Thanks,
>> Philippe
>> Le 31 janv. 2016 à 06:20, EJ Singson <ejsingson@gmail.com> a écrit :
>> I've been a looper for a good while now. I'm transition over to software
>> looping, and cutting down on my pedalboard.
>> I still haven't found the perfect software yet, which is really
>> frustrating. Ableton Live comes close, but my reliance on the line6
>> m-series/dl4 style switch functions makes it impossible.
>> I need to have a "play once" button, where it starts the loop from the
>> beginning and when it comes to the end of the loop, ends playback.
>> Mobius seems to be able to do it, but I can't get it running stable no
>> matter WHAT on yosemite. Live looping being perilous as it is, I need
>> something absolutely stable.
>> Right now, I'm also stuck using my digitech jamman, because you can
>> preload loops. This makes streamlining live sections much easier by
>> preloading drum tracks. Neither mobius or live seem to be able to handle
>> preloading tracks, playing them, being able to loop over them, and then
>> banking up to the next drum track.
>> (I'm not sure if I'm explaining that last part well, so here is a video 
>> of
>> my playing where I bank up and down through some drum tracks with 
>> looping.
>> https://youtu.be/IVN24TFVOe0)
>> Does anyone have any suggestions for me on software to look into?
>> Besides mobius and live, so many VSTs, AUs, and programs are ancient and
>> no longer being supported.
> --
> Torben Scharling