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What's super exciting and new for loopers these days, especially software?

Hi folks. Gonna dive back into this over the next few months. I just 
started to download updates of looper plugins, etc.

Doesn’t look like echoloop has changed much but perhaps I’ll be better at 
setting it up with my footswitches now. Superlooper looks the same but I 
never really got into it so I wouldn’t know—gonna try that one. Mobiles is 
just 32 bit, right? Seems like that would be a good one to pick and dive 
deep with if it is 64. Midi learn everything and drag-and drop style of 
programming (rather then supper technical number style programing) yet 
robust functionality is kind of what I’ve been waiting for. 

Anything else new out there for looping plugins in the last year or so?  

In terms of hardware pedals with multiple loops and sync, anything else 
out of NAMM besides the Ditto 4?

Thanks you!