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Re: What's super exciting and new for loopers these days, especially software?

This is a little outside the scope of your question, but

Frederick Brummer - Analog Disc Looper

Rob Jellinghouse - Gestural Looper (open source)

Pretty sure Emmanuel Reveneau had some new software out for the Y2K15 as

On Fri, February 5, 2016 11:56 am, Christopher Darrow wrote:
> Hi folks. Gonna dive back into this over the next few months. I just
> started to download updates of looper plugins, etc.
> Doesnâ??t look like echoloop has changed much but perhaps Iâ??ll be 
> better
> at setting it up with my footswitches now. Superlooper looks the same but
> I never really got into it so I wouldnâ??t knowâ??gonna try that one.
> Mobiles is just 32 bit, right? Seems like that would be a good one to 
> pick
> and dive deep with if it is 64. Midi learn everything and drag-and drop
> style of programming (rather then supper technical number style
> programing) yet robust functionality is kind of what Iâ??ve been waiting
> for.
> Anything else new out there for looping plugins in the last year or so?
> In terms of hardware pedals with multiple loops and sync, anything else
> out of NAMM besides the Ditto 4?
> Thanks you!
> â??Christopher

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San Antonio, TX 78209