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Re: Let's talk software delay plugins :)

On Tue, Feb 9, 2016 at 5:34 PM, Steven Clements <sdclements@gmail.com> wrote:
Without a doubt the entire Soundtoys collection


Oh yes, I totally agree! The SoundToys suit once started out as "poor man's Eventide", only available for ProTools. But today these wonderful plugins work in any host on Windows or Mac. EchoBoy and Crystallizer are the two I use the most. Oh, and of course the FilterrFreak 2 when in need for powerful DJ-remix-style sweeps. The SoundToys plugins work great too for live playing because you can host them in a non-sequencing environment like Plogue Bidule together with a looper and have full control over all sync aspects. 

I'm also a frequent user of FabFilter Timeless 2, especially for dub effects. 

And when recording in Logic my fav delay is the native Tape Delay, because it is so easy to draw automation on the screen for creating and controlling dub effects like tape speed switches, filtering and distortion.