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RE: Seeking Inspiration

First, I echo what Per, Andy, Laura, Noah and Rejyna have said.


Having said that, looping is somewhat like sketching, (early on it used to drive me nuts when I’d have something I liked and it was gone forever after powering down, and then I’d have to remember it again, and it never seemed quite the same….) in that you try this, listen, erase, try that.  I even like the fact that the word “layer” is used; it’s like water color washes, blending (or not!) but yet still becoming part of the image.  Improvised yet technically precise (unless one doesn’t want it to be) it is planned spontaneity, or perhaps, more properly, spontaneous planning, or perhaps both, because after all, it’s looping J










From: 3x09@carlsonarts.com [mailto:3x09@carlsonarts.com]
Sent: Friday, February 5, 2016 9:47 AM
To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
Subject: Seeking Inspiration


Hello all,


I am putting together a new rig, and experiencing the normal challenges along the way, but I’m sure I can figure that all out eventually. However, I thought I would post a different sort of question than we usually see on this list. I would post it on FB but I don’t generally frequent that.  So here goes:


What do you love about looping?


And, I’m not talking the general stuff like “I don’t need a band,” or “I like to hear my own voice layered 12 times” (guilty). 


What is it about the aesthetic, ethos and the creative process that appeals to you?


I’m hoping that some of your answers will spark more energy for me to tackle my technical roadblocks.  I’ll do some thinking and answer my own question later. I don’t want your answers to be a response to mine and I want to give it some thought.


Peace and adventure,


Michael Carlson


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