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Re: testing

I think a lot of the problem (for me) is that most of us "old timers" 
who've been with the list since the beginning in the '90s have become a 
lot less interesting, and perhaps a little introverted over time. Ennui 
has set in with too much of a feeling of: "Been there, done that."

As for myself, posting here in the old days felt like posting to a family 
or group of really good, avid and like-minded friends. It was not unusual 
for folks to  post on topics way beyond just tech-y stuff and unload a 
little emotionally too. Now that it's many years post 9/11 people just 
don't do that anymore.

On the LD list, all we have are the bare words and maybe a link or two. 
The bells and whistles of FB allow the posting of photos, video, and audio 
— which can sometimes seem (on the surface) a lot more interesting to 
peruse on a daily basis. 

But over the months and years, I've found that sometimes a picture is NOT 
worth a thousand words. And some of the "dancing baloney" of the FB age is 
pretty shallow and vapid. It tends to make me  want to become a hermit and 
hunker down in my cave and turn my back on the world.

But then there are all these new exotic FX pedals (it seems like a "golden 
age" for that sort of thing) and looping tools are popping up everywhere. 
At just the point I'd want to turn my back on it, the world is becoming a 
lot more interesting.

If only I had the energy I had 20 years ago . . .

The world has spun around quite a few times since the summer of '96 too.

On Feb 15, 2016, at 1:26 AM, jrploopers <jrploopers@kliklak.net> wrote:

> When i had Facebok i never visited the Loopers Delight page. Now in the 
> "post Facebook era" it gets even more clear, that seemingly vintage 
> things like email newsletters are far ahead modern social media's 
> information policy. 
> An email newsletter arrives 100%, and because i said i wanted it. 
> Facebook etc. instead have you waste a lot of time on the "personal 
> waste" of others. 
> The information you actually are interested in (like a page you like) 
> gets buried in a status stream of information you subscribed to, which 
> is all of your "friends"/contacts. 
> You end up with sleep deprivation, just because valid information almost 
> never arrives :D
> jayrope
> ---
> www.kliklak.net/jayrope/
> www.aircushionfinish.com
> www.soundcloud.com/jayrope
> www.ello.co/jayrope
> On Feb 14, 2016, at 5:53 PM, Tyler Zahnke wrote:
>> I know, the loopers haven't been posting very often. In 2012, a member
>> told me that it was because of the Looper's Delight Facebook group,
>> that many members prefer Facebook, but the vintage 1996 mailing list
>> will always stay up because vintage sites are cool to some people,
>> such as me.
>> Tyler Z
>> On 2/14/16, Jeff Duke <jeffloops@gmail.com> wrote:
>>> And receiving! Funny that until I posted I hadn't gotten an LD email 
>>> since
>>> Per's post on the 12th. So just checking.
>>> On Sun, Feb 14, 2016 at 11:41 AM, Ted Killian <tedkillian@charter.net>
>>> wrote:
>>>> Hearing loud and clear.
>>>> On Feb 14, 2016, at 8:15 AM, Noah Peterson <noah@noahpeterson.com> 
>>>> wrote:
>>>>> Check one two. Check one two.
>>>>> Sent via the Samsung GALAXY S® 5, an AT&T 4G LTE smartphone
>>>>> -------- Original message --------
>>>>> From: Jim Goodin <jimgoodinmusic@gmail.com>
>>>>> Date: 14/02/2016 9:32 AM (GMT-06:00)
>>>>> To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
>>>>> Subject: Re: testing
>>>>> I echo the testing back Jeff!
>>>>>> On Feb 14, 2016, at 10:07 AM, jrploopers <jrploopers@kliklak.net>
>>>> wrote:
>>>>>> Testing back ;)
>>>>>> jayrope
>>>>>> ---
>>>>>> www.kliklak.net/jayrope/
>>>>>> www.aircushionfinish.com
>>>>>> www.soundcloud.com/jayrope
>>>>>> www.ello.co/jayrope
>>>>>>> On Feb 14, 2016, at 3:52 PM, Jeff Duke wrote:
>>>>>>> Ah, ok, thanks!!
>>>>>>> On Sun, Feb 14, 2016 at 9:49 AM, Tyler Zahnke <
>>>> programmer651@gmail.com> wrote:
>>>>>>> You're coming in loud and clear!
>>>>>>> Tyler Z
>>>>>>>> On 2/14/16, Jeff Duke <jeffloops@gmail.com> wrote:
>>>>>>>> this is only a test