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LD on G+?

Is there an LD group on G+?

On Jun 24, 2016, at 7:09 PM, Buzap wrote:

> Thanks for all the options. Yeah, I was kind of familiar with all of 
> them and some of them like SuperTap, Relayer etc. look really good.
> To be honest, spending 50-100$ just to have a tap delay is not really an 
> option. I won't need all these pitch shifts, LFOs, modulations etc they 
> provide. And I can still have Delay Designer for 30$ with Mainstage.
> So, unless there is a simpler/cheaper solution, that's probably what 
> I'll do (even though Mainstage will be overkill for my needs).
> @Ted: Thanks for the update. - I find it horrible that the discussion 
> went to Facebook. I *much* prefer Google Plus for such discussions and 
> will definitely not join the FB group - which is really a shame because 
> I liked the good company :-(
> Still, if I do decide to join one day, I think and hope a couple people 
> will still remember me :)
> best regards
> Burak