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strange Mobius behavior

On Monday I did a long overdue operating system upgrade to El Capitan on 
my my mac book. Since then Mobius has been behaving very strangely. 
Initially, ween opening Mobius the display is sluggish, and the midi 
controller Im using, a McMillen 12 step is issuing commands and Im able to 
record, ply etc.., but the Mobius display doesn’t give any indication that 
functions are working,t and this is also true for keyboard commands 
however. If I use a mouse and Mobius buttons, Ill see record functions and 
play functions initiated but the red and green wheel cycles are frozen not 
spinning at tempo. And then after about 5 minutes or so, everything starts 
to function as normal. the 12 step not only initiates commands but the 
screen indicates those commands are happening. This is so bizarre and I 
have no clue what might be happening. For what its worth Im on Mobius 2.5. 
Has anyone else experienced this problem?