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Re: strange Mobius behavior

Per wrote: just go into preferences and tic off the Secondary Feedback box 
- then tic it back to "on" again and leave the pref's mode.

Thanks Richard and Per, Per did you mean to say  go in to Mobius 
Configuration, then Preset, and then double click the secondary feedback 
button? Its funny you mentioned this work around because I stumbled on 
another as well. Go to Configuration, go to Audio devices and click OK, 
Mobius starts behaving again, This leads me to believe its and internal 
connectivity issue where Mobius is not recognized at start up, and needs 
to be reconnected each time Mobius is opened,  Thank god for the work 
around, I wasn’t looking forward to a long trouble shoot, and I didn’t 
probably do myself any favors by inadvertently leap frogging operating 
systems to get to El Capitan. Im the world’s worst at staying current with 
system upgrades, too tethered to the “if it aint broke don’t fix it” 
mentality I guess. lesson learned….finally.