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Re: strange Mobius behavior

I havent upgraded to el capistan because of the very same reason,ill 
remain chicken shit

> On 17.09.2016, at 21:14, bill walker <wildbillwalker@icloud.com> wrote:
> Per wrote: just go into preferences and tic off the Secondary Feedback 
> box - then tic it back to "on" again and leave the pref's mode.
> Thanks Richard and Per, Per did you mean to say  go in to Mobius 
> Configuration, then Preset, and then double click the secondary feedback 
> button? Its funny you mentioned this work around because I stumbled on 
> another as well. Go to Configuration, go to Audio devices and click OK, 
> Mobius starts behaving again, This leads me to believe its and internal 
> connectivity issue where Mobius is not recognized at start up, and needs 
> to be reconnected each time Mobius is opened,  Thank god for the work 
> around, I wasn’t looking forward to a long trouble shoot, and I didn’t 
> probably do myself any favors by inadvertently leap frogging operating 
> systems to get to El Capitan. Im the world’s worst at staying current 
> with system upgrades, too tethered to the “if it aint broke don’t fix 
> it” mentality I guess. lesson learned….finally.
> Bill