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A little something I knocked up ...

Hi everyone

I'm coming out of lurker mode to send this link:


It's a short MP3 I put together the other night.

There was a tremendous storm overhead so I put a recorder in the conservatory and captured some of the rain and storm noises.

I took the recording upstairs and started playing along with it, trying to capture the contours of the sound and the ebb and flow of the rain.

The setup was my usual sort of thing: Energy XT as the host, Augustus Looper as the looping device (4 of them) and some VSTs including Atmosphere, DSK Synthphobia and Nanotron.

I know that this is pretty far off what everyone else here is up to - and maybe a little new-agey for some tastes, but I'd welcome any comments anyone wants to share.

I'm strictly a hobbyist musician,apart from the odd bit of work for videos and plays, and don't play in public very often at all. Your input - positive, negative or anything else - would be very much appreciated. I'm enjoying developing my music in this direction and, as it's for my own amusement mainly, I am short on feedback.

Thanks for any time you can spare on this.

Steve B